Niamh Kenny will underline urgency of generating own electricity at invest ni conference

Northern Ireland Focus on Offshore Wind

North Channel Wind project director Niamh Kenny is to address Invest NI’s Focus on Offshore Wind - Emerging Opportunities conference in Belfast on March 22.

The event will highlight NI’s geographical, infrastructural and supply chain advantages for offshore wind energy development. Local companies have already gained much experience exporting goods and services to the offshore energy sector in the UK, Ireland and further afield.

Niamh Kenny says she is confident that the potential for NI to fast become one of the lowest cost regions for offshore wind in Europe is very close.

“We see rapidly changing circumstances across the global energy markets, increased pressure on supply and distribution and little if any reduction in demand,” says Niamh. “Now is the time for offshore wind energy to develop so that Northern Ireland and the Single Electricity Market can gain advantage, move closer towards self-sustainability and to even become a net exporter of electricity.”

“I’m looking forward to addressing the conference and very grateful to Invest NI for the opportunity and for highlighting the urgent need to move these proposals forward quickly,” she says.

North Channel Wind proposals are for the installation of floating wind turbines, across two sites off the east coast of Antrim and north Down. The combined generation would reach 400MW (or more depending on lease agreements with The Crown Estate), enough to power up to 470,000 households in Northern Ireland.

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